Brilliant Humans

Our Brilliant Humans products promote, play, imagination, and growing while learning. Brilliance is a cape that every child should be privy to, and our company opens the door wide so that soaring is possible.  

Our products were created to present a platform for children to strive. Each product is designed to stimulate their uniqueness and creativity. Movement is encouraged. Music is embraced. Imagination is welcomed. We build self-esteem, culture, and the magic of being who they were born to be…brilliant.

Used correctly, our products become an adventure that your child or student will want to take often.

Brilliant Humans LLC is owned and operated by author, entrepreneurial, and inventor Stephanie M. Captain. Stephanie has always had a passion for child advocacy and the wellbeing of children. She has exemplified this through serving military families with childcare, serving as a foster parent, and through her Nonprofit mentoring organization, The Amazing Me. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling and serves her community as book publishing coach and mentor.