Here's how the game works

In ROTUNDA you compete in over 20 different types of challenge cards/mini games that you either play as a group, battle 1-on-1, or play single player.
Each player starts with 10 chips and 1 dice. The challenge cards lay face down on the table.
First player rolls their dice and follows the action rolled

 - Everyone must touch their nose! Last person to do so must toss in a chip

 - Roller must stick their arm up in the air like a statue until another player rolls the statue. Failure results in discarding a chip (You may switch arms)

   - Grab a card from the deck

The 80 card deck is divided into over 20 mini games. If you lose a mini game during the turn, discard chip(s) then it is the next player's turn to roll their dice. 
Last player left with any chip(s) wins the game!